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The 6th Seal Event List… and Some Preliminary Comments

When I read the list below on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory (June 29, 2009) I was thinking was that the node ring periodicity for Wormwood was approximately 24 months… a rough approximation.  As the June/July 2009 time frame began to recede I was feeling a sense of relief and hoping that maybe we had “dodged a bullet” with respect to the 6th Seal event list.  Then one of the astronomers who listens to C2C emailed me with comments to the effect that if Wormwood really wanted to “sneak up on us”, it would be better to for the 6th Seal events to play out in December, 2009, and then for the 1st Trumpet Judgment… the Incineration Event… to arrive the following June, 2010.  Why?  Because in December, 2009, the Earth would have Right Ascension 6 stars to look at during the evening hours.  The Right Ascension 18 stars would be hidden by the sun and we could not see Wormwood climbing the RA 18 line. Unfortunately his logic made very good sense… even sneaky Wormwood sense.  So another look at the time separation of the December 26, 2004 Sumatra earthquake (and the deadly tsunami) and then the August, 2007 Peru earthquake (near the Nazca tectonic plate) was in order.  Sure enough… the time frame is more like 30 months rather than 24 months for Wormwood’s outer node rings.  In other words, the better time callout for the 6th Seal event list would indeed be December, 2009 or early January, 2010… my apologies for the error in timing.  

Is the December/January timing for the 6th Seal event list in fact guaranteed?  No.  But, on reexamination, the node ring periodicity does indeed look that way.  Based on The Revelation presentation order, the 6th Seal Event list will precede the Incineration Event (1st Trumpet Judgment).  Another thing I can be reasonably sure of is the fact that the Incineration Event described in Revelation 8:7… when Wormwood gets close enough to the Earth on its perihelion maneuver to exchange atmospheric gasses with the Earth… will happen on the Summer Solstice side of Earth’s annual orbit when Wormwood is inbound on perihelion.  Whether that turns out to be the Summer Solstice of 2010 or of 2011 remains to be seen but which ever it turns out to be will have to happen during the summer months of Earth’s orbit.

Would it be possible for Wormwood to change the “periodicity” from 30 months to 6 months in its perihelion approach?  Answer: Yes… unfortunately.  The ancient Sumerians called Wormwood by its other familiar name… Nibiru… “the planet of the crossing”.  It does not orbit around the solar system like other planets (and stars) seem to do.  When it arrives, it seems to “cut across” the solar system (not a “normal” orbit) when it is approaching the sun during perihelion so it can close in on us very fast and be staring us in the face in June, 2010 if the 6th Seal event list arrives in the December (09)/January (10) time frame.  Is that guaranteed?  No.  It could also arrive in June, 2011, and still fit seamlessly into the prophetic landscape.  Is that very likely?  In my opinion?  No.  But for Revelation timing purposes we do have to follow the “Wormwood clock” since it intersects the list of events in two places… Revelation 6, 7 and 8 (inbound events) and Revelation 16 (outbound events).  You can think of The Revelation as specified order of events… with a few exceptions or side bar notes that are used for emphasis or explanation.  The Wormwood events place the time/date constraints on the event list of The Revelation at two different places.  So follow the “Wormwood clock”.

To get a better visual perspective of the changing trajectory of the Wormwood brown dwarf star, take some time to study its elliptical orbit pattern in the Gallery section of this website.  The angle of approach changes dramatically during perihelion and it speeds up… goes faster… during the perihelion part of its orbit as it closes in on the sun.  So a June, 2010 Incineration Event is entirely within the realm of possibility.  But in any case… Summer Solstice of 2010 or Summer Solstice of 2011… which ever… follow the Wormwood clock for the Incineration Event. 

One other little bit of bad news that came in during July, 2009 was the discovery of a new body emerging from a disturbance in the Oort Cloud in the patch of sky associated with the Constellation Sagittarius.  Since Sagittarius is right next to Right Ascension 18 Hrs. where we predicted Wormwood would make its approach, it should be watched carefully to see how things will develop.  If it closes in on us faster and faster along Right Ascension 18 Hrs. (true position) that would be what we are looking for.  (See the Current Events page of this website for a copy of the article.)  If this new object… “Sagittarius G – 1 .9”… really is the Wormwood brown dwarf star, then we can already see the source of Earth’s coming destruction.  It also means that Wormwood now has about 11 months to close in on Earth’s position to fulfill the prophecy of Revelation 8:7.  It has plenty of time to get here and do its thing… and a good deal of that progress will be made while Earth is behind the sun and cannot see Wormwood closing in on us.

Now then, the 6th Seal event list that presages Wormwood’s visible arrival:

Based on the description of the events associated with Sixth Seal (Revelation 6:12 –14), I would now estimate the time for the next nodal ring clash for planet Earth at December 21, 2009 plus/minus a few weeks.  The closer Earth is to the Solstice “Line of Destruction” when the node rings cross swords, the more destructive the events will be.  The Revelation description is not very encouraging.  Rev 6:12 – 14: (12) I looked when He broke the sixth seal, and there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth made of hair, and the whole moon became like blood; (13) and the stars of the sky fell to the earth, as a fig tree casts its unripe figs when shaken by a great wind. (14) The sky was split apart like a scroll when it is rolled up, and every mountain and island were moved out of their places.  Let’s go over the list and make physical interpretations of what we can expect for December, 2009 or January 2010:

1.) a great earthquake… The node rings of the sun and Wormwood clash with serious tectonic shaking lasting 10 or 20 minutes (maybe more) of continuous shaking, major destruction of cities closest to the “epicenter”.

2.) the sun became black as sackcloth made of hair… We get volcanic activity at tectonic plate edges… rims of fire that eject high tonnages of ash plume into the upper atmosphere that block out the sun light over large areas of the earth.  (And the hair being referenced would be black hair common to people of the Middle East not blond hair found in more Nordic people.)

3.) the whole moon became like blood… Wormwood throws large tonnages of iron oxide dust and debris between the Earth and the moon or into Earth’s atmosphere.  When we look through the veil of iron oxide dust, the moon takes on a blood red color.

4.) the stars of the sky fell to the earth… Wormwood throws asteroids and various forms of space junk into Earth’s atmosphere that impact on the surface as meteorites.  Expect some severe tsunami events if there are impact pieces landing in the ocean that are of significant size.

5.) the sky was split apart like a scroll when it is rolled up... At least one of the volcanic eruptions will be a large pyroclastic explosion… a volcanic cone that will “blow its top” like Mt. St Helens in May, 1980.  The blast concussion feels like the sky is “splitting apart” anywhere within sound range of the cone.  The curling action of the mushroom cloud when viewed from below looks like a scroll when it is allowed to spring back into the “rolled up” position.  The description seems a little odd but St. John was a first century writer and he used a word picture of something that was familiar to describe a mushroom cloud… something he had never seen before. Expect more volcanic explosions as Wormwood approaches.  There might be several volcanic mounts that erupt explosively like Mt. St. Helens did but there will be at least one. 

6.) every mountain and island were moved out of their places… Tectonic shifting from the Wormwood node ring earthquake will shift the mountains and islands into different places. The displacements may be measured in tens or hundreds of feet of difference but the shifts will be measureable with modern surveying equipment.  If any of the GPS satellites are still up and running after this assault from outer space, the measurements can be made easily and with accuracy as close as 10 centimeters.  If the GPS system is destroyed we might have to do it the old fashioned way with ground based surveying equipment but the results will show that many of the known positions for mountains and islands will in fact be displaced to new positions. 

7.) With major earthquake activity and island movements expect severe tsunami events to follow the  tectonic shifting for various coastal cities within tsunami shockwave range.

Feel free to copy this list and pass it on to your friends as a courtesy but also take the time to tell them about our website… www.millenniumprophecy.com so that they can study the materials and information that we post on these web pages.


Gill Eriksen