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A Summary of the Pre-Rapture Sign Posts

(Excerpted from the book with revisions)

Before we continue on with the rest of the Revelation, we should take some time out and review briefly the signs or warning events that precede the Rapture. This is a major event in the life of the Christian Church as well as secular human history so I would like to nail down the pre-Rapture event order one more time before we continue. The critics will love this list because it makes it easy to chew on my written opinion and start the spitting contest. Anyway, let’s review the things that Scripture says will have to happen before the Rapture takes place and the order in which they will happen.

1.) The appearance of false Christ’s and false teachers. Matt 24:5; Mark 13:6; Luke 21:8;

2.) 1st Seal: An increase in war and threat of war (“rumors”) between nations and groups. Matt 24:6; Mark 13:7, 8; Luke 21:9, 10; Rev 6:2.

3.) 2nd Seal: A worldwide increase in capital murder, personal anger, ethnic rivalry, and community unrest. Rev 6:4.

4.) 3rd Seal: A shortfall in worldwide grain production that selectively affects wheat and barley but not oil or wine (olive and grape) production. Rev 6:5, 6; Matt 24:7: Mark 13:8; Luke 21:10, 11.

Note: The 3rd Seal was the one that was working its way through the commodity and financial markets when I edited this material in November, 2007. In other words, Christ broke the 3rd Seal from The Book of Judgments and Worldwide Rulership Rights that was handed to Him by God the Father in Revelation 5. The movement toward very high prices in wheat and barley started playing out in the national and international markets and will continue to play out as the world wide grain markets become progressively more unstable due to Wormwood’s negative effects on our weather… less favorable growing conditions.

5.) Note: Another best guess I would insert here is the occurrence of earthquakes in various places as Wormwood gets closer to the planetary ecliptic plane. At various “sweet points” the gravitational fields will interact in such a way that old fault lines here on Earth are stressed enough to trigger earthquakes from plastic mantle deformations and tectonic/crust slippages. Some of the quakes will show up in odd places that have not had quake activity for long periods of time. There may also be more quake-related killer tsunami events. Also look for various types of crop failures as a result of changing weather/rainfall patterns with attendant food shortages during 2008 and 2009. Matthew 24:7, Mark 13:8, and Luke 21:11.

6.) 4th Seal: A combination of war, famine, disease pandemics and the animal kingdom out of control and directly attacking and killing people but that is confined to an area defined somehow as “a fourth of the earth” and most likely triggered by the distant reach of Wormwood’s Vasopressin style chemicals that trigger extreme aggression in humans and animals. Rev 6:8; Luke 21:11.

7.) 5th Seal: The persecution of the Christian Church. Rev 6:9 – 11; Matt 24:9 – 14; Mark 13:9 – 13; Luke 21: 12 – 19; 1 Tim 3:2 – 13.

8.) 6th Seal: A combination of massive tectonic shifting (with earthquakes and volcanic eruptions) coupled with a simultaneous and prominent display of meteor and meteorite events as a Wormwood node ring grips the earth shakes up. Also look for the moon to take on a red-orange color as Wormwood throws iron oxide dust into the atmosphere. There will also be at least one major pyroclastic explosion similar to Mt. St. Helens (May, 1980). This sign also marks the end of the 5th Seal persecution of the Christian Church. Rev 6:12 – 17; Joel 2:30, 31; Matthew 24:7, 17; Mark 13:8; Luke 21:11; 2 Peter 3:2 – 4.

Note: The 6th Seal event list was the event list that I read on the air with George Noory on Coast to Coast AM. It now appears that I was about 6 months early with the 6th Seal events and that the correct period interval was actually 30 months rather than 24 months for the Wormwood node rings. See the 6th Seal Event List for a more detailed description of those events… probably coming in December, 2009 or early January, 2010.

We could add item 6-B, 7-B or 8-B somewhere in here (depending on how the timing works out) that would be the announcement of a new 7 year Peace Accord / Treaty between Israel and the various Palestinian political factions (Fatah, Hamas, Hezbollah PLO, et al) based on Daniel 9:27 that should occur during the Fall or Winter 2009. The Treaty may be countersigned by the various nations that are participating in the current negotiations. Look for a provision that will allow the rebuilding of another Jewish Temple complex on the temple mount and probably some change of citizenship status for Palestinian people. The Treaty has to be made before it can be broken at the midpoint of the Tribulation by the newly formed Anti-Christ. The question arises as to whether the announcement will occur before or after the Rapture of the Christian Church. It should occur on or about the same time but exactly which comes first is a good question. There might be announcements of progress before the Rapture and a full signing ceremony afterwards or the signing ceremonies may precede the Rapture. The Anti-Christ (Beast) then breaks the Peace Accord Treaty at the 3 year midpoint of the Tribulation in 2012 and commits the Abomination of Desolation in the newly reconstructed Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. At the very least you should be aware of the multi-nation peace talks that have begun at Annapolis and that may be continued at different locations leading up to the Tribulation time zone proper. That effort is in progress now complements of the Bush Administration and would be continued under the Obama administration.

9.) A short period of worldwide (near) dead calm in the weather as the approach of Wormwood hits a node or sweet point for gravitational, solar wind, dark matter, dark energy and solar capacitive charge effects. The main prevailing winds and jet streams just stop and the weather calms down as a result. Rev 7:1 – 3.

10.) The marking of the 144,000 replacement witnesses... a process that the Church will observe here on Earth for about 15 days. Rev 7:4 – 8.

Then on Rapture Day… January, 2010 (estimated):

11.) A loud shout - announcement by an archangel, 1Thess 4:13 – 18

12.) The resurrection of the Christian dead. 1Thess 4:13 -18.

Note: Digging up all the graves of the many generations Christian dead so that they can be resurrected and formally reunited with the Lord might take a little bit of time. If you are visiting a cemetery on Rapture Day (where a Christian loved one is buried) and you happen to notice that God has already raised up your believing relative, but nothing seems to be happening for you… DON”T GET TOO EXCITED. He has to dig up a lot of folks who have been scattered around the landscape over the centuries. What if they got buried under roads or shopping malls or something else? The Lord has to arrange for them to be dug out and released. Maybe some concrete or tarmac has to be broken up. Anything that holds them captive in the grave has to be broken up so they can get out and join the party. Remember, the Christian believers who died while in a valid faith relationship with the Lord get to go FIRST.

If you are a Christian believer who is still living on Rapture Day, then you have to wait until the Lord has secured all those who died in faith. So don’t get impatient about the resurrection/rapture scheduling. A lot of graves have to be emptied before you get to join the celebration. The Apostle Paul told us that the dead would rise first so that means that the dead will indeed rise first and THEN we who are alive and remain will be caught up together with the former generations of believers to meet the Lord in the air. OK, so be patient. If you have a valid believing faith in Christ then your turn will come but the truth is that the living will be the LAST ONES to join the party.

Actually, come to think of it, visiting a graveyard on Rapture Day where a lot of genuine Christians are buried would be an “interesting experience”. You would see a lot of graves suddenly being opened and those people being released into new glorified bodies before they are gathered up to meet the Lord. It would be an interesting experience that can never be repeated. Someone should get some good video pics of all the graves being opened and the believers being issued new bodies… to leave as a video testimony for those who have been left behind. That would seriously torque some jaws if people could see a video like that. Of course the graveyards would be a mess and the maintenance people would be upset but, hey, we’re leaving! We have a PARTY to attend and we’re probably running “a little late”… you know… for the “reunion” party. Sorry about the mess.

13.) A series of trumpet sounds heard all around the world, 1Cor 15:52, 1Thess 4:13 – 18. It might be 7 or maybe 12 separate trumpet sounds… and that is a guess… but whenever the last one in the series is sounded, that’s it. We’re out of here. As that last trumpet sound is given the Rapture of the remaining living believers happens and the Christian Church is removed physically from the Earth. The Church age is then complete and the seven year great tribulation will already be under way by about 15 days. 1Cor 15:52; 1Thess 4:17; Rev 7:9 – 16.

14.) As the Church vanishes from the face of the Earth, simultaneously, the Two Witnesses appear in the City of Jerusalem and begin their prophetic ministry for the next 1260 days.